Apex Rock Water Fall PoolIsn’t it everyone’s dream to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of water in their backyards? We’ve compiled a list of soothing water features that can be incorporated into your new pool design to soothe your senses and greater enhance your backyard entertaining.

Waterfall features are wonderful to listen to, and depending on the placement and type of waterfall, can be invigorating or soothing. Rock waterfalls create more of rush, while small waterfalls off a ledge create a nice background sound.

Deck Jets:
Deck jets create an arc of water that streams from your decking into your pool or spa.

Cascading water feature produces a clear arc of water that projects away from a raised wall. The effect can be adjusted from a silent sheet of water to a rushing mountain waterfall.

Bubblers, or gushers, are bubbling water features that push up from under the water. No matter the strength of the bubbler, it will make a wonderful, relaxing water sound.

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