With temperatures heating up, it’s a good time to consider shade options around your pool to keep your family and pets cool. Designing your backyard oasis starts with the pool design, but thoughtful planning can really elevate your backyard into something special.

Pergolas provide partial shade while adding architectural interest to your pool area. Incorporating climbing plants like bougainvillea or jasmine offer additional coverage and a touch of natural beauty to your backyard.

Shade Sails
Shade sails offer a contemporary look and are highly versatile. UV-resistant fabric shades are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for creative configurations that fit your pool’s design. Easy to install, shade sails can be mounted to poles, walls, or other structures.

Pool umbrellas are one of the most convenient and flexible shade solutions. They can be easily moved and adjusted to provide shade exactly where it’s needed. Opt for large, sturdy umbrellas with UV-resistant fabric to ensure longevity and effectiveness.

Natural Shade
Integrating natural shade through strategic planting can also be highly effective. Trees like palm trees, live oaks, and magnolias offer natural shade and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. Be sure to choose low-maintenance trees that don’t drop excessive debris into the pool.

Utilizing natural shade, umbrellas, pergolas or sail shades, you can create a comfortable and inviting pool area for your family and pets that allows you enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.