Studies show that just being around water is inherently calming to people.

“Humans love being around water because something about it is inherently calming,” says Sanam Hafeez, a New York City–based neuropsychologist and faculty member at Columbia University. “Perhaps for some, water takes them back to their youth; to swimming in a pool, lake, or ocean. Bodies of water have a dream-like quality to them, much like clouds, and allow us to see different shapes and imagine limitless possibilities. Just staring at water allows our minds to be still and peaceful.”
-Stacey Leasca, RealSimple

At Apex Pavers & Pools, we recognize the significance of integrating water features into your outdoor oasis to further enhance your sense of tranquility. Sheer waterfalls and bubblers, carefully incorporated into your pool area, emit soothing sounds that contribute to a serene atmosphere. Consult with our design specialists to explore waterfall options that complement your surroundings. While no feature can completely mask environmental noise, certain water elements have the potential to mitigate it, fostering a more peaceful outdoor environment.

Consider other elements to transform your backyard into a peaceful retreat:

Pool/Spa Placement:
Strategic design is crucial for waterfront properties. Your pool, spa, and pavers should enhance the waterfront view, not obstruct it. The addition of pavers or a fire feature near the water can elevate your relaxation experience.

Integrate speakers into your outdoor space to play water sounds, nature sounds, or soothing music. This simple addition contributes significantly to the creation of a tranquil atmosphere.

Ambient lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the scene. Outdoor lighting not only enhances visibility but also showcases the focal points of your yard. Consider incorporating interior LED lights into your pool for a mesmerizing visual effect.

Comfortable seating, thoughtfully placed, enhances the overall outdoor experience. Invest in quality seating arrangements that encourage relaxation.

At Apex Pavers & Pools, we are dedicated to transforming your outdoor space into a sanctuary of tranquility. Explore the possibilities with us- contact us today to learn more, or fill out our form for a free estimate.