Apex Pools Stuart, Palm City, Palm Beach FL

We enjoy the challenge of creating a beautiful pool in a tight backyard space and encourage homeowners to visit us for a complimentary consultation. We work with many homeowners that have pool size restrictions due to the way their house is placed on their lot, current landscape, or land easement regulations.


Location: If you entertain often, you’ll want to leave certain areas of the backyard for gathering places, such as a firepit or sunning area to accommodate lounge chairs. However, if your main purpose is your pool, then less decking and larger pool would be optimal.

Shape: Classic shapes such as a rectangle will give you more usable swimming space than an organically-shaped pool.

Colors: Similar to indoor spaces, neutral colors for the decking, pool waterline tile, coping and interior finish will give the appearance of a larger pool. Stay away from dark interior finishes and waterline tile as they tend to break up the lines of the pool and draw your eye to them.

Contact us today to speak to our pool specialists. We’ll build the pool of your dreams, no matter the size!

The Apex Pavers & Pools Team