Technically Anytime!

According to Blake Worthington at Sky Five Properties, some months are better than others in Florida.

“You can technically install a pool at any time of the year in Florida. Some times are better than others, though, depending on your goals and priorities.

Fall/Winter Installations
If you install a pool during the fall or winter, you get to enjoy lower prices than if you had it installed during the spring or summer. The cost of goods tends to spike at the beginning of each year. Because of this, installing your pool during the fall or winter will allow you to take advantage of lower supply costs.

A fall or winter installation can be better for your landscaping, too. Some damage to the yard will always occur during the installation process. If you have the pool installed in the fall or winter, though, you’ll have more time to repair the damage and allow the grass to regrow before spring and summer rolls around. This way, your backyard will be more pool party-ready.

Often, the interest spent financing the pool can actually be a tax write-off, too. Who doesn’t want that?

Spring/Summer Installations
There are plenty of benefits that come with a fall or winter installation. For most people, this is the best time to install a pool.

There are benefits to waiting for the spring and summer, too, though. Sometimes, pool installation companies will run specials during these seasons, so you can still find a good deal if you look carefully. This is especially true if you’re shopping during the early spring.

You also don’t have to spend months staring longingly at the pool before you can use it.

Winters in Florida are nowhere near as cold as they are in the rest of the country. You still might not be feeling up to an outdoor swim in the middle of December, though.

If you want to be able to splash in your pool from day one, waiting till spring or summer will allow you to do that.”
-Blake Worthington, Skyfiveproperties.com
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