We know there are many decisions to be made during the pool project. Size, location on lot, interior color, tiles, water and fire options… the list goes on. While we try to make the process as easy as possible, you could become stuck with decision paralysis. What to do next? Below are some tips to help.

Pros and Cons 
It’s always best to start here. Writing down your pros and cons can help you see on paper the likely decision to go. Pool heater vs no pool heater? Do some research to see if it’s something you need or want. It might help you lean toward an option that you don’t want to leave out.

Get Opinions
Asking a friend, especially one that has a feature you’re interested in, could give you great insight. Is there something that could have made that feature better? Any changes they’d make along the way?

Spend Time Outside
Spend time outside and consider your needs. Do you have environmental noise, such as a road nearby? If so, perhaps a water feature would be more of a ‘need’ if the noise bothers you. Imagine the pool colors and your home – will they blend nicely with the exterior paint and pavers? Would you like more greenery around your pool? These are all things to bring up during the planning phase, and our design specialists will always help you make selections that you will love for years to come.

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