Do You Need a Pool Heater in Florida?

Short Answer: We recommend it.

Here’s why:
1) When temperatures drop in the winter and early spring season, your pool water temps follow. Even though we may have months of beautiful 65-75 degree days, most find their pool water too cool to swim during Florida’s winter months. By adding a heater, you’ll increase your pool use possibly by 6 months!

2) Heated water is easier on muscles and joints. Swimming in a heated pool is easier on your body, which means you’ll be more likely to enjoy your exercise and look forward to your next swim. Read more about the benefits of heat therapy on arthritis.org.

3) Swim day or night. Our summer evenings drop into the 70’s which is a perfect time for a swim. But if your pool’s too cold, you’ll likely just skip the night swim – meaning less enjoyment.

If purchasing a heater for your pool will allow you to increase the amount of days you enjoy it, and the time of day you can swim, then we definitely think it’s worth it! If you have questions about the types of heaters we offer, please contact us today!

-The Apex Team

Helpful link: Average pool heater energy costs