Lyon Financial, a trusted partner of Apex Pavers & Pools, has identified current pool trends for this year. 

Resort-Style Outdoor Feel

Lyon Financial is finding that customers aren’t just getting a pool, but creating an outdoor experience. Homeowners are shifting entertaining away from the kitchen to outdoors again!

Entertaining in and around the pool is a must. Swim-up bars and baja (sun) shelves are popular with high quality surround sound entertainment systems outdoors.

Gray has been popular inside homes, but it’s gaining popularity on the exterior, too! Customers are using this color in their textiles, paver colors, interior pool color and tiles to coordinate their outdoor living with their interior design.

Dark interior finishes are still popular and exudes modern yet relaxing, tranquil atmosphere to your backyard.

Single-depth pools are gaining popularity. Instead of a pool’s depth gradually getting deeper from one end, Lyons Financial is seeing this single-depth option as good for children and adults.

Our pool designers are aware on today’s pool trends and will help guide you when deciding pool shape, interior color, accessories, and more! Contact us today to make an appointment.

-Apex Pavers & Pools