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We understand that many new pool owners may not know how their pool functions. It’s important to know the basics to keep your pool in tip-top shape (and to also know when to contact a professional for repair).

We pulled this list from The Spruce, an online resource for homeowners.

What Is Backwashing?
First, you may have heard of the term backwashing. You can’t go to a pool supply store and ask to buy a backwasher. They might know what you’re talking about, but you’ll give away that you don’t know the correct terms for the parts of your pool. Whether you buy your pool equipment from a local retailer or shop online, this is an important word to know for general pool maintenance.

So exactly what does backwashing mean, and what does it have to do with a swimming pool? Very simply, the backwashing process reverses the flow of water to flush out contaminants from a swimming pool filter. It should be carried out until the water runs clear through the waste line.

Without coping, the steel projecting from the pool’s walls would be exposed, and water could get behind the pool shell. Coping is simply the cap for the pool’s edge. It can be made of concrete, tile, stone, pavers, and other materials and can add an accent around the edge of your pool. Discover other functions of pool coping.

DE Filter
Not surprisingly, DE, aka diatomaceous earth, is the main ingredient in a DE pool filter. Swimming pools and spas need pool filters on them to keep the water clean and free of any dirt and debris. Discover why many pool owners consider DE filters to be the best kind of pool filter.

Gas Heater
While solar has been grabbing all the attention, gas heaters still account for most of the heaters in residential pools.

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This article was written by Lisa Hallott Taylor, and the article can be found here: https://www.thespruce.com/parts-of-your-swimming-pool-2737113