Did you know that we’re on Houzz? Many of our projects are uploaded to our Houzz profile. We’re also honored to receive 5 star reviews from our awesome customers. Here are a few!

“Apex Pavers & Pools were professional from start to finish. Apex put in a new Chicago Brick patio and walkway for us. They did it on time and on budget. There were some issues with the permits issued by the county, and Apex handled it with class. Friends and guests marvel at the completed work, and everyone asks, “Who did it?” By the way, they also built in a fire pit that will be heavily used this winter. I recommend Apex Pavers & Pools.” ~Calc79

“We were interested in a basic pool to enhance the ambiance of our backyard. Even though we asked for a basic pool my wife and I feel we got a high end product. All the equipment was top of the line and the workmanship was superb. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Apex Pool and Pavers for doing an excellent job!” ~J. Froehler

“To date, Apex Pavers has done four projects for us, and we have been happy with every one of them! They are communicative and easy to work with. Even when faced with challenging locations (the difference with elevations in our pool area) they found an attractive solution. Best of all they never used those opportunities to add to their fee. Every time I show pictures of our pool I happily tell people who built it. I can not say enough good things about this company! I can say with certainty that I will always call them for any paver, pool, or wall project that I want to have done.” ~ C. Jones

“Apex built our new driveway. Top notch workmanship. Care was taken to review our spec. and answer all questions. Everything went smoothly and exactly to the plans.”