Choosing the Best Pool Shape | Infinity Edge Pool | Apex Pools in Stuart, Palm Beach, FL

Our custom pool designers can design/build freeform pools in addition to classically designed pool shapes. Choosing the best pool shape for your backyard is important because it can maximize the beauty of your home and outdoor living area, and our experienced team at Apex Pavers & Pools can help.

Once our design team determines how large of a pool your backyard can comfortably allow, we will carefully take your home’s architecture and landscape into consideration to find the best options for your home.

Popular pool shapes are rectangular pools, freeform, kidney shaped pools, and L-shaped pools.

Rectangular Pools are very formal, and are the inspiration toward Tuscany and Roman shaped pools. This shape of pool is ideal for swimming laps and exercise, and popular features include a swim-out in the deep end and a sunshelf with a water bubbler in the shallow end.

Unlike Rectangular Pools, Freeform Pools are very informal and tend to follow the surrounding landscape for an organic feel. Freeform pools can be of any shape, and often times the pavers surrounding the pool follow its free-form shape. This can allow for seating, sunning areas, and additional landscaping.

L-Shaped Pools are formal in nature, and often will have steps along the short leg of the L. The rectangular shape of this pool will still allow for exercise, while the entry area is perfect for smaller children and novice swimmers.

Kidney Shaped Inspired Pools are similar to Freeform shaped pools, however they have more geometric symmetry which is evident by the two rounded ends with an indent in the center. Kidney-shaped pools are extremely popular as their shapes often fit well with any landscape and house architecture. Popular additions to this shape of pool are raised spas and a swim-out in the deep end.

If you’re searching for a pool contractor, call our team today. We can help you decide on the best pool shape for your home, and select accompanying water features and specialty materials to create your perfect backyard escape.

The Apex Team