Apex Pavers and Pools | Custom Waterfall FeaturesLuxury water features are common in South Florida pools. At Apex Pavers & Pools, we can design and build the following types of waterfalls, working closely with the homeowner to blend form and function perfectly.


Spa Waterfalls: These soft waterfalls are actually created by raised spas that are connected to the main pool. Depending on the flow of the jets and the height of the spa above the pool, this type of waterfall can be very relaxing to listen to as the water flows out from the spa and into the pool.

Rock Waterfalls: Rock waterfalls can either be made with man-made materials or with natural rock. The water flow can either be set to gentle or rushing, depending on the type of ambiance you’re striving for.

Sheer Decent Waterfalls: These types of waterfalls produce a clear arc of water away from the wall, transforming your pool into a romantic oasis (or a fun play area for the kids!). They start wide at the top, and the waterfall tapers at the bottom creating a soothing affect.

Rain Waterfalls: These waterfalls have individual streams of water that produce a strong flow that sounds like rain (hence, the name!). These types of waterfalls can be seen from afar, and won’t disappear like the sheer decent stream.

Landscaping design should also be considered when creating these types of waterfalls. Whether it’s a modern or tropical Caribbean landscape, the spa and surrounding landscape should blend seamlessly and complement the overall design.

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