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Ultraviolet Pool Sanitizers are becoming a popular addition for homeowners looking to reduce the amount of chemicals in their pools.

What is Ultraviolet Light and how is it used to sanitize pool water?
According to SpectraLightUV, “Ultraviolet (UV) pool sanitizers utilize a cutting-edge, non-chemical process that uses germicidal UV light rays to sanitize water, air and surfaces that may be contaminated. Ultraviolet pool sanitizers emit a high intensity germicidal light ray that alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of targeted organisms such as algae, bacteria, viruses, cysts and protozoa. The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy also destroys organic matter, eliminating the formation of dangerous chlorine by-products”.(1)

How Does It Work?
The UV line is installed in-line, right after the pool’s filtration system. The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy destroys organic matter and eliminates the formation of dangerous chlorine by-products called chloramines that commonly lead to red, stinging eyes, skin irritations, asthma and allergies.(2)

How Effective is it?
UV light does kill the bacteria, germs and viruses, however it will still need a secondary level of protection, provided by chlorine-based sanitizers.

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