Remember the days when we only had 3 color choices for interiors?

Times have changed and the color of your pool’s interior will affect its temperature, maintenance, and style you’re trying to achieve.

Temperature: If you live in Florida and have a pool without a heater you understand that temperatures dip in Jan – March and your pool (most times) is too chilly to swim in. The benefit of dark-interior pools is they hold heat longer than light colored interiors, which is great for Florida homes during the winter season. With a dark-colored interior absorbing the sun’s rays, your pool won’t be as chilly as your neighbors with the light interior.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Dark-colored interiors won’t show as much debris compared to a light-colored interior, therefore cutting down on the vacuum and cleaning time. Regular chlorine maintenance is necessary during Florida’s hot months to keep algae at bay, which can be hard to see with the dark interior.

Style: Dark-colored interiors tend to look more like an ocean or pond. It’s a very modern finish and can compliment a simple shaped pool. However, the depth of the pool can be deceiving. Dark interiors can create the illusion that the pool is deeper than it is, and for that reason, care should be taken while playing in the pool.

Appointment: Our design specialist will guide you through the process of researching pools interiors to find what works best for you and your design. We have several samples of finishes and colors in our showroom. Give us a call today to make an appointment, we’d love to hear from you!

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