Why a Crushed Rock Base is Important When Installing Pavers

Apex Pavers & Pools creates driveways which are beautiful, well-constructed and built to last. Our professional installers are highly trained and skilled using only the highest quality materials.

The overwhelming majority of brick paver driveways that have sinking and settling issues are attributed to the fact that a sufficient sub-base was not installed. In order to eliminate any sinking, settling, or ruts from the vehicle tires, a crushed rock “DOT Road Rock” sub-base must be installed. This is the same base material installed under most highways and local streets.

The crushed rock base should be 4”–6” deep for residential driveways. Although the sub-base depth is different according to the existing soil conditions, 4”– 6” seems to be the average from our experience. A “concrete sand” base alone is not adequate. Many municipalities do not require that a crushed rock base be installed.

Apex Pavers & Pools installs a rock base in every driveway as a standard, not the exception. Having the confidence of the proper sub-base, Apex Pavers & Pools is able to guarantee that your driveway will not sink and settle. Apex hopes that this bit of education and their guarantee will help remove some of the concerns surrounding brick pavers.