If you’re going to build a pool and have kids (or grandkids) that love to swim, putting a little extra thought into the design to make it kid-friendly is always worth it! We’ve listed 6 kid-friendly design ideas that will take your pool from just fun to AMAZING!

Slides: Waterslides add an element of excitement and adventure for the kids. It provides hours of entertainment and keeps them cool on hot days.

Sun Shelves: Create a shallow area at one end of the pool where younger children can splash and play. Add water toys, inflatable floats and bubblers for extra fun.

Rock Waterfalls: Rock waterfalls or grottos provide a sense of adventure and discovery for kids. They can swim behind the waterfall or explore the hidden cave-like spaces, as they create a sense of exploration and adventure.

LED Lighting and Sound Systems: Underwater LED lighting and sound systems to create a magical ambiance in the pool area. Kids will love swimming in the colorful lights while listening to their favorite music.

Sports: Basketball hoops, volleyball nets and floating game boards are perfect for kids. Consider how often your pool will be used for the children – the depth of the pool will matter. You’ll want plenty of shallow area so children can stand to play comfortably in the water.

Spas: Children and teens gravitate to spas. The seating and heated jets allow for relaxation, and the smaller, shallow area gives the kids a place to walk, float, sit and talk.

If you’ve got a full house like so many Florida homeowners do, give your children the best outdoor experience possible and talk with our designers to incorporate these kid-friendly ideas. They’re only little for a short while, and they’ll love you for it!