Sealing & Repairs

Sealing is important to protect the pavers from dirt, oil and other liquids that might penetrate the surface as well as giving protection from sun exposure.

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Apex Pavers & Pools pressure cleans pavers before sealing.

We pressure clean with a surface scrubber and hot water, prior to sealing. We utilize a variety of cleaners to remove specific stains. After the pavers are cleaned Apex Pavers & Pools sprays 2 coats of an acrylic sealant. The sealant also enhances the color of the pavers.

Drying time is approximately 24 hours-depending on the weather. Sealant should never be hand-rolled. Once the process is complete any liquid spilled on the pavers will bead up.

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Apex Pavers & Pools is extremely competent in repairing your paver pool deck, driveway or walkway.

There are a variety of circumstances which may occur that will require some type of repair work on your hardscape. Over time the underlying soil may shift or settle somewhat causing unevenness across the paver area. The color has faded in the pavers, some pavers may be broken or the sand between the pavers has been displaced.

Whatever the condition is of your paver system, Apex Pavers & Pools will inspect and determine the exact repair method needed to restore your hardscape to looking beautiful once again.