How Much Does It Cost to Build a Paver Patio?

There’s a lot that goes into a paver patio’s cost. We break it down below:

Material: The type of material used will make a difference in cost. Concrete, clay, and natural stone pavers are available options. Samples of our materials can be found at our Monterey Rd. location.

Installation: The type of paver selected may require special installation, and will be discussed during our meeting. Read more about paver installation on our recent blog post.

Location: Is the patio going to be built on a sloped section of your lot? Will it need a retaining wall for support? We’ll need to assess your property to see if additional support is needed.

Design and Size: Paver pattern will determine the approximate amount of materials needed. Also, adding designs within the patio using the same or other materials will also affect the price, as will the overall size of the patio area.

We’d love to price out a new patio paver design and install for you. Please contact us today to make an appointment.

-Apex Pavers & Pools