One of the most important selections you’ll make when designing your pool is your interior finish. While classic light blues and greens are usually preferred, we are seeing an uptick in dark finishes. So, we decided to create a list of pros for each!

Light Pool Finishes

  1. Light pool finishes reflect the sky and surrounding water and brings a tropical feel to your pool.
  2. Light finishes keep the pool cooler in the Florida sun since the heat reflects easier off the lighter colors
  3. Easy to see debris when cleaning

Dark Pool Finishes

  1. Darker finishes absorb the sun’s heat. This can provide a more comfortable water temperature during our Florida winters.
  2. Darker finishes also camouflage the dirt and water color. While this can be somewhat a benefit, it can also hide algae so you must stay on top of cleaning.
  3. Depth perception – dark finishes make the pool appear deeper than what it really is.

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