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An outdoor kitchen can be a beautiful extension of your home. As with most home projects, planning is an essential part when designing your outdoor kitchen. From choosing the best location to what appliances would best suit your needs, APEX Pavers and Pools can assist you every step of the way.

Choose the Best Location:
Generally, outdoor kitchens are located under a covered patio or lanai that is attached to the home. This provides additional coverage to protect the grill and other outdoor kitchen appliances.

Most covered outdoor areas will have an existing deck, which will be the foundation for your kitchen. Keep in mind the pathways to existing structures in your yard (spa, pool, fireplace) and design your deck to enhance these structures.

Utility sources such as plumbing and electrical will need to be addressed, as well as a fuel source for the grill. If you have natural gas, you’ll need to install your kitchen near the gas line. If your kitchen will be located further from the house, the gas line will need to be trenched and installed.

Plan How You’ll Use Your Outdoor Kitchen: How will you use your new outdoor kitchen? Do you plan to use the grill on a daily basis or seasonally? Will you entertain guests often? Take an assessment on how you’ll use your new space so you can plan the space and design accordingly. For high use kitchens, we recommend a large gas grill with side burners and hood, rotisserie system, a compact refrigerator, hidden trash bid, warming and storage drawers, outdoor sink, and ice maker. Determining how you’ll use the space and how often will help you decide what appliances and accessories you’ll need.

What Type of Materials are Best? In Florida, most outdoor kitchens are constructed of concrete block with an applied stucco finish to match your home. For countertop surfaces, natural materials such as granite and slate are durable but will need to be maintained to protect the finish. Porous materials such as tumbled marbled will need to be sealed to protect the stone from food and beverage spills.

What Type of Lighting Will You Need? For the perfect grilling and entertaining experience, plan for lighting directly above all areas of your outdoor kitchen and seating area. Task lighting will help you see as you’re cooking and preparing your food. This should be planned in advance due to the electrical wiring needed for the lights.

APEX Pavers & Pools is a licensed contractor and are familiar with local codes and regulations to ensure code compliance. Our design specialists are ready to help you create your new outdoor living and cooking areas- contact us today!

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